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iFlair Technologies offer different flexible Hiring Model to meet diverse needs of our Clients located around the globe. We ideally consider in an organized method to pricing and thus follow only the best approach and policies. We ensure our Clients will have benefit through our tailored Hiring models that best suits their requirements. Our flexible hiring models guarantee least risks with determined achievements.

At iFlair, we provide flexible, transparent and customer – centric hiring models. We recommend one of the following hiring models:

Fixed Cost Model:

  • Fixed Cost Model is for those Clients who have well defined project requirement.
  • iFlair defines the project scope and delivery time prior project execution.
  • As per the fixed cost model, Client pays an agreed fixed price for the project scope as discussed.
  • iFlair will complete the project development as per the scope of work defined and agreed during the finalizing project scope.
  • iFlair provides an assurance that the project will be completed within the specified budget and the given timeframe.
  • iFlair has an organized process for handling any kind of changes to incorporated during or after project duration.
  • If Client request for any changes in the project, then we will first analysis and check time required to integrate the changes in the current scope.
  • Then based on the detailed analysis we will provide the fixed cost for the additional changes.

Time and Material Model:

  • Time and Material Model Approach is ideal where the project requirement is not clear and complex.
  • iFlair charge hourly to the Client based on the man hours utilized for the project development.
  • This approach helps Client to hire our skilled and talented resources on hourly basis where they will work as per the project requirement.
  • In Hourly price model we systematically follow project management practice and make sure that there is complete transparency and control about the hours that our team dedicates to the project.
  • We send regular task report sheet to our Client for their evaluation.

Offshore Dedicated Hiring Model:

  • iFlair provides an option to Hire Offshore Dedicated Model where Client will prefer to hire a Resource or a Team to work specifically on their project only.
  • Client prefers to use this business model who does not want to hire and manage an in-house team for the project.
  • So Client will hire an offshore dedicated team of developer and designers to work exclusively on their projects.
  • The Offshore Dedicated Resource will directly report to Client so there will be a smooth communication and will check the regular progress.
  • Client will have the complete control on the dedicated resource where Client will assign work, view work status, ask to do necessary changes, track the work done.
  • This model best works for huge projects, in which requirement is not defined and modifications are to be done as per the changing time and enhance the project accordingly.
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